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DIY Philosophy

We believe that every woman is unique and special in her own way. We owe it to you to provide you with the highest quality personalized personal care products that are specially tailored for you to help you express your individual personality to the fullest.

DIY Vision

To be the most passionate, innovative and consumer driven personal care company that makes the finest personal care products in the best personalized possible way; while staying true to our values.

About Eva Cosmetics

Eva Cosmetics is one of the leading Egyptian personal care manufacturers and distributors. With over 100 years of experience under the belt of its founding entity, Armanious Group, It has become the source of over 20 of the most popular cosmetic brands and is an essential part of Egyptians daily life. Strategically located in Egypt, Eva cosmetics has gone beyond its home market to excel on a global level by exporting to over 25 countries and launch offices and factories in several countries that work as hubs to key regions. Eva’s culture of innovation and strenuous quality control standards has earned it an international reputation of excellence and credibility.